Kensington “Lions Club Park”

The girls and I checked out a park in Kensington on Monday. map I’m not sure it’s official name but could be referred to as the “Lion’s Club” park as it is on a big piece of land behind the Lion’s Club/Coles Restaurant. It is great for toddler type people as the play structure is scaled down a bit and there is a miniature version of the normal playground swing sets including two swings that a toddler can swing in. There is also a big “Little Tikes” tree structure (that’s seen better days but still fun) and a little “”hut” with a mix and match puzzle and seats. It’s a little high but good for moms to sit in with small babies. The grass was a little long but it’s surrounded by houses and it’s good and far away from the road. The “Ken NET” (CAP) site and a local restaurant are very close by should people need “facilities” of any sort. And the Frosty Treat Dairy Bar is practically around the corner!

To get there, from Charlottetown, just as you come into Kensington and before you get to the lights, you turn left onto Barrett Street and then right onto Garden Dr (or the rink road). You then almost immediately turn right into the “KEN NET” entrance and head straight back between it and the Lion’s Club and you’ll see the park. I drive right up to the “bridge”. If you miss Barrett St. just turn left at the lights and then left onto Garden Drive. Watch for Coles Restaurant on the left and just beyond it Ken Net.

—Contributed by M.Cousins MacMurdo

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Llewellyn Park – Charlottetown

England Circle, Charlottetown

Link to Map
This little park has a climbing gym (with slides) designed for children aged 4-12, a swing set with two baby swings and two regular swings and a paved area with two basketball nets. There is a street on one side and no fence enclosing the park but it is a dead end street and I only saw one car drive past during the half hour we spent there. We didn’t have any company while we played, but it was during school hours.

There is a picnic table but no benches, shelter, fountains or washrooms.

The main piece of equipment is very high and there are a lot of steps inside making it quite difficult for a toddler to navigate safely. Even with close supervision I didn’t feel comfortable with my toddler on this equipment and was quick to steer her toward the swings. The equipment itself isn’t in bad shape but there is some graffiti on it.

This is a good spot for kids in the neighborhood but we won’t be returning anytime soon -at least not until our toddler is a few years older.

Michelle B

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Joseph A Ghiz Memorial Park – Charlottetown

joe ghiz park,charlottetownBordered by Grafton, Edward and Kent Streets in Charlottetown the Joe Ghiz Park is also easily accessible via the Confederation Trail.  Map We always see this park when we come back to Charlottetown across the Hillsborough Bridge.

joe ghiz park,charlottetownThis park is rated as 18mo to 12 years.  But the equipment is installed “high”, small children may have a hard time climbing onto the equipment, and the drop at the end of the slide may be too much.  Our three year old needs to be lifted onto the equipment, but I have seen smaller kids scramble up.

There are some cool ride-on dinosaurs, and a jeep for going on dinosaur safari’s.  My son likes the “piano” installed under one of the platforms, and I like to try and pick out a tune.  The main tower of the climbing structure has two taller slides, and there is a smaller attached tower with a slide and a huge abacus.  There are two baby swings and four regular swings.
joe ghiz park,charlottetown

joe ghiz park,charlottetown

joe ghiz park,charlottetownThis is a nice park with fairly new equipment, and there are always people using the park: from kids on the play structures, to office workers having lunch on the benches.

There is not a lot of shade at this park, and no bathrooms.  But there are a Tim Horton’s and a Wendy’s just around the corner.

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Glen Stewart School’s “Boundless Playground” – Stratford

Glen Stewart School’s “Boundless Playground” located on Glen Stewart Drive in Stratford (map)

Glen Stewart,BoundlessAlthough this playground was designed with the school-aged child in mind I find it to be toddler-friendly. I feel comfortable letting my two year old navigate the equipment since she has already developed a healthy respect for heights and there are only a few sections that aren’t completely enclosed. The main piece of equipment was designed to be used by children with disabilities so there is a ramp for wheelchair access. Also, there are a ton of swings including some designed for children with disabilities, basketball nets, monkey bars, lots of benches and picnic tables with shelters overhead. The equipment is in excellent condition and there is a lot of space to run and play.


Glen Stewart,Boundless

However, because this is primarily a school playground, access for younger children is limited to times/days when school is out. After school programs keep the playground very busy with elementary-aged children even after school is dismissed. Weekends and school holidays are the best times to visit with younger children. I find the playground to be very quiet with only a few visitors during these times. There is no access to fountains or bathrooms for the general public and the parking lot is very close to the main play area with no fence between the two. Also, there are no baby swings for young children.

Click here to read more about this “Boundless Playground.”

Overall, we love this playground so much we drive out of our way for a weekly visit!
Michelle B

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